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About us

Shipsonic is a brand of Delta-sistems B.V., a Dutch cleantech company that provides innovative, effective, cost efficient & environment friendly antifouling solutions for professional marine, offshore, fishery and industry. As of January 2017 Delta-sistems B.V. has incorporated Shipsonic, since 2006 one of the market leaders in ultrasonic antifouling. Delta-sistems B.V. will continue the Shipsonic brand with recently developed and strongly improved series of heavy duty ultrasonic antifouling systems. All Shipsonic systems are developed and built in the Netherlands.

Permanent innovation

The Netherlands has a rich maritime research and development tradition. At Shipsonic we have made a conscious decision to tap into this. To be able to do this, our systems are fully developed and built in the Netherlands. This allows us to   partner with such institutions as the NIOZ (Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and the HZ Vlissingen (University of Applied Sciences), amongst others. For a more detailed look into our present innovation agenda, go to our Research & Development section.


Shipsonic is looking for dealers worldwide

Shipsonic is a young company. We were established in 2017. Initially we  emphasized the development and testing of our systems. Now it is time to work on growth. As part of our growth strategy, we want to expand our dealer network. If you run -or work for- a maritime supplier or repair company, feel free to contact us. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page and we shall get back to you.

Installation consulting services

Installing an ultrasonic antifouling system is very simple, and normally carried out by the ship’s crew. The one decision to make is how many transducers are needed, and where to place them. To help clients with this, we offer an installation consultancy service. We let you do the installation, but help you decide which transducers to place where. This service can be hired online, using video conferencing etc. Or one of our consultants comes to visit you on the ship itself.


Permanent, structural client feedback

We find client feedback so important, that any client willing to give us structural feedback on the functioning of his ultrasonic antifouling system, is offered a 10% reduction on system costs. As part of our feedback system, we are the only UAF supplier that hires professional divers to film the state of box coolers and sea chests protected by our systems.

Become a partner yourself!

We are actively looking for knowledge partners and at the same time we are open to client participation.

If you run - or work for - a maritime supplier or repair company, feel free to contact us

Thanks! We contact you for details

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