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Control units

MDP10 / MDP20


A modular powerhouse

Shipsonic’s G2 contains so many innovations that we say it is a new generation of ultrasonic antifouling! With its modular design, a single control cabinet can power up to 20 transducers. Additional transducer channels can be added very easily without any tools. And the system has also become smart. It continuously analyses itself and triggers an alarm if something goes wrong. 

It doesn’t get any better then this...

Ultrasonic antifouling has become smart

What makes the G2 so smart is that it very accurately analyzes the current pulses of each individual channel and distills crystal-clear conclusions from them. For example, it detects rust under a transducer or any electronic fault and triggers an alarm. Where the fault occurred is displayed on the video screen inside the cabinet, or on the Shipsonic proprietary software on your console in the engine control room. Maintenance thus becomes very easy and, in many cases, can be carried out by yourself. And what makes the system so powerfull? Each channel generates a whopping 125 Watt peak power!

An overview of most important features:


Standard monitoring capabilities:

  • On cabinet: green or red system status LED

  • In cabinet: video screen and board LEDs

  • Remote:

-  Realtime monitoring in engine control room (On Windows via RS-485 protocol (USB, Ethernet and CAN-BUS are optional)

-  Contact Closure (Normally Closed dry contact) alarm output for PLC/SCADA system


Monitoring of:

  • Individual transducer status: ‘OK’ , ‘open’ , ‘short’ , ‘check installation’

  • System status: configuration, temperature, real time clock, power supply, power consumption, hours


All monitoring data are logged for 7 years



  • Possibility to program the frequency range to avoid interference with other ultrasonic based systems

  • Over-temperature protection, fully functional up to 50 degrees ambient, reducing output power should the temperature increase even more

  • No-Tools-Needed board replacement

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